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White Bear Lake, Minnesota, in Ramsey county, is 10 miles NE of saint paul, MN. The city is located in the Minneapolis-saint paul metropolitan area. White Bear Lake has a population of 24,325.

The People and Families of White Bear Lake

In White Bear Lake, about 58% of adults are married.

Wealth and Education

In 2000, White Bear Lake had a median family income of $60,196. White Bear Lake has a large middle class. The city enjoys an educated population.

Political Inclinations

Residents of White Bear Lake gave more campaign money ($25805) to George W. Bush than to the other people running for President in 2004. Residents gave more to the Republican party than any of the others.

White Bear Lake Housing

Owners occupy 75% of the housing units in White Bear Lake. Residents here pay higher tax bills for their homes, which generally means better schools and other local services.


In White Bear Lake, 93% of commuters drive to work.



White Bear Lake Characteristics


Lake Area (acres): 2427.66
Littoral Area (acres): 1314
Maximum Depth (ft): 83
Water Clarity (ft): 12.9 (11.8-13.9)


White Bear Lake is primarily managed for walleye (WAE) and muskellunge (MUE). Walleye stocking rates were changed to 2.0 pounds/littoral-acre annually (2,628.0 lbs) in 2006. Muskellunge stocking has consisted of stocking yearlings and adults at a rate of up to 1 fish/littoral acre/year when available. Walleye were sampled in gill nets below the median level for abundance, but above median size for lakes of this type. The gill net catch rate was well within the normal historic range, but reflected a slight decrease from the gill net catch rate recorded in the 2006 assessment (from 3.6 to 2.5 fish/set). The average size of WAE sampled in 2008 was 17.5 inches and 2.2 pounds. Approximately 25 percent of all WAE captured measured 20.0 inches or longer. No Muskellunge were captured during this assessment. Northern Pike (NOP) were sampled above the median level for abundance, but below median levels for mean weight in gill nets. The catch rate for NOP in gill nets lies within the normal historic range for this lake. The average size of NOP captured was approximately 19.2 inches and 1.55 pounds. Yellow Perch were sampled in the second highest abundance ever recorded in gill nets for this lake, but down slightly from the catch rate observed in 2006. The average size of YEP sampled was 7.15 inches and 0.17 pounds. Approximately 17 percent of all YEP sampled measured between 8.0 inches in length or larger. Black crappie were sampled above the median level for abundance in both gear types with the average size of fish sampled being 7.6 inches and 0.24 pounds.



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