MN contract for deeds

Minnesota Contract-for-Deeds (CD)

“Seller Financing “

Why Buy on a contract for deed?

Financing a home is a lot harder today than has been in the past. The housing market continues to struggle and home sellers are looking for creative ways to sell their homes.

Banks have raised their lending standards and removed a lot of the buyers financing options. There are virtually no self employed loans anymore unless you can prove your income. Banks want large down payments with a long job and credit history. Cd homes are a way to get your dream home and not have to deal with banks. You can save 1000s on closing costs. Lower down payments. When purchasing a home on a contract for deed in Minnesota or Wisconsin you don’t have to prove your income or have A credit rating. Usually contract for deeds have 5-10% down which is negotiable between buyer and seller.

Why Rent it is a buyers market. Time to take advantage of todays’ real estate market and buy a home with seller financing . Contract for deeds may be the way to go.

Contract-for-deeds, or seller financing, has been the solution in the past, and now owner financing is back banks are reluctant to lend and it wont change for many years to come. When banks start to loosen lending standards again contract for deeds will dim out…

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