Minnesota Lakes

Find Minnesota lake homes for sale we have access to 100s of properties thru out the entire state of Minnesota. Below are some of the best fishing lakes in Minnesota. We have lake cottages cabins to view.

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Having a view of the lake and access is sometimes the best way to go. Living on a Minnesota lake is second to none. There are 10,000 lakes in Minnesota but only a few thousand to me are worth the name of a lake. If you can put a boat on it then that is a lake.

Some people love to fish or canoe the great lakes-boundry waters or just sneak out for the day on one of the twin citiies metro area lakes and enjoy nature. Hear the loons in the morning is one of my favorites sounds by far. Minneapolis and saint paul have and abundance of lakes that are great for the family or fishing-skiing-kayaking. Some of the lakes I like to go out on are below.

Also I love to go to the st.croix river and enjoy the beautiful landscaping. Views of Wisconsin and Minnesota along the river. I like to go down to hudson and travel north to stillwater or even further north. It is very beautiful if you get a change to go up north on the st.croix river do it very beautiful. Wild life galore. Taylors falls is very beautiful has a great park to do some walking-rock climbing-explore Minnesota at is best. 

Another great area is White Bear Lake. 

White bear lake is a very clean lake. It has lost alot of water over the last few years but still a great lake for fishing-skiing-boating-or just browsing real estate. Luxury properties on the water to view by land or boat. There is a beach-walk to Manitou days. Mahtomedi has one of the best school systems in Minnesota. 

White bear lake down town has a small family town feeling. Resturaunts-walking-stores- if you like to fish there is a large dock off of highway 61 when you come into town. Close to the vfw.

Lake Phalen is an urban lake located in Saint Paul, Minnesota and in its suburb of Maplewood. It is one of the largest lakes in Saint Paul and is the centerpiece of the Phalen Regional Park System. The lake drains into the Mississippi River after traveling through Phalen Creek. The lake and surrounding 494-acre park receive around 500,000 visitors each year.

Lake Phalen is one of the Twin Cities most popular fishing lakes. The lake is stocked with Walleyes every other year and tiger muskies every three years. The lake also has northern pike, largemouth bass, crappie and sunfish that are able to maintain population levels naturally.The lake has a 23-square-mile watershed. The lake is also home to an unusual fish. The rainbow darter was first found in 1996 by workers from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The fish normally lives in fast moving streams. The fish is only found in six to eight other streams in Minnesota.

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Lake Calhoun located in Minneapolis MN has alot to offer. You can find a beach club-walking paths-food carts-wild life. Great for biking. Lake Calhoun is part of the Chain of Lakes and is a popular site for fishing, wind surfing, swimming, sailing, canoeing, walking, jogging, biking and roller- and in-line skating. In 1999, the Chain of Lakes drew over 5.5 million visitors making the Lakes the second most popular visitor destination after the Mall of America.

The distance around Lake Calhoun is 3.2 miles for bicycles and skaters and 3.1 for walkers and runners.

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The tin Fish Restaurant is located in the Calhoun Pavilion.


Alexandria Lakes Area Fishing

Miltona Lake has been the best lake in the area so far. Anglers are having success in 8-16 feet during the day and 3-6 feet during the evening. The crappie bite has tapered off.

Annandale Lakes Area Fishing

Anglers are heading to Clearwater Lake for the best walleye action, at 12-18 feet using leeches or fathead minnows with lindy rigs and spinner rigs. Northerns are taking sucker minnows around the weed edges on Clearwater and Pleasant Lake. Sunfish and crappie action is solid on Clearwater and Sunfish Lake. Bass are biting on most area lakes using worms, spinner baits, and the new Berkeley swim baits.

Bemidji Lakes Area Fishing

The three lakes that most anglers are catching walleyes on are Lake Bemidji, Cass Lake and Plantagenet Lake. On Lake Bemidji and Plantagenet Lake, anglers are using shiners and jigs at 5 to 7 feet near the weed lines. On Cass Lake, they're using leeches with Lindy Rigs at 12 to 18 feet.

Chisago Lakes Area Fishing

The best walleye action has been on Green Lake, Chisago, and South Lindstrom. On Chisago and South Lindstrom, anglers are using jig and minnow combinations outside the weed lines. On Green Lake, walleyes are taking leeches and Lindy Rigs near the weed lines during the evenings. Sunrise Lake has produced the best northern action, trolling or bobber fishing with spinner rigs.

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Grand Rapids Area Fishing

The fish have been shallow, in 14 feet and less, most in 6 to 10 feet. he said. “They ought to be chewing pretty good. Jig and minnow has been successful.

Leech Lake Fishing

The most consistent walleye bite has been on the main lake, Pelican Island, Annex Reef, and Submarine Island, typically using a jig and shiner or leech and Lindy Rig, according to Reed's Sporting Goods. Northerns are taking rapalas or crank baits on Steamboat Bay and Portage Bay while trolling near the cabbage growth. Anglers are catching bass on Boy Bay using spinner baits.

Lake Minnetonka Fishing

Walleyes are running on leeches with lindy rigs near the weedlines at about 15-17 feet on all bays, preferably early in the morning or at sunset. Northerns are taking just about anything (spoons, sucker minnows, jigs, etc.) at about 10-13 feet. Sunnies and crappies are outside the weed edges, bobber fishing with waxworms. Muskies are biting on Bulldogs and Cowgirls near the deeper weedlines.

Lake Minnetonka is a 14,528-acre (59 km2) lake in the U.S state of Minnesota. It is located west-southwest of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul. The lake is irregularly shaped with numerous Bays,Penisulas, and  islands that form approximately 125 miles (200 km) of shoreline. The lake is located almost entirely within Hennepinn County; however, its southernmost extension, Smithtown Bay, reaches into the City of Victoria, which lies within northeastern Carver County. Lake Minnetonka is divided into two separate sections, the Upper Lake and Lower Lake

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Lake Ottertail Area Fishing

The walleye bite has been exceptional using crawlers or leeches at 20-25 feet during the daytime and at 10 feet or less during the evenings trolling with crankbaits. Northerns are being caught on Rush and Dead Lake using crankbaits. Bass action is good on smaller area lakes.

Rainy Lake Fishing

On Rainy Lake, anglers have been looking for big northern pike in about 12 feet of water near the mouths of the bays. Pike are going after minnows on spinner rigs. Smallmouth bass have also been active. Weeds are starting to grow. Normally this time of year, anglers start off shallow, throwing a few jigs, then move deeper. This year, the walleye will likely be more active shallow. Trolling crankbaits across these bays is probably the most effective way to work these scattered fish.

Lake of the Woods Fishing

Walleyes are hitting jigs and minnows in 24 to 32 feet of water. Most fish are 15-19 inches, with a smattering larger. Smallies are off their beds. Some surface action remains on Rapala Skitter Pops and similar baits, but mostly early and late. No. 3 gold Mepps working best for both small-and largemouth bass.

White Bear Lake Fishing

The walleye bite on White Bear Lake has been slow and the best bass action has been using fathead minnows at shallow depths.

Lake Vermilion Fishing

Anglers are enjoying the best walleye action of the year so far. Leeches have taken over as the live bait of choice followed by crawlers and minnows. Lindy rigs fished without spinners in 12 to 16 feet of water during lowlight conditions really has worked well. Crappies have gone post-spawn mode and are found in the deep weeds. 

BIG MARINE LAKE  is located in Washington county which is the eastern Part of Minnesota.

 Forest Lake is a city in Washington County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 18,375 at the 2010 census. It is located on one of Minnesota's 100 largest lakes. The lake serves as the source of the Sunrise River

The separation of highways 35W and 35E (from Interstate 35), just south of Forest Lake in the city of Columbus, is commonly called the Forest Lake 

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Lake Characteristics

Lake Area (acres): 1799.18
Littoral Area (acres): 1152
Maximum Depth (ft): 60
Water Clarity (ft): 8.5 (7.1-9.9


Scott County lake homes for sale

Prior Lake is a city 20 miles southwest of downtown Minneapolis in Scott County Minnesota. Surrounding the shores of Lower and Upper Prior Lake, the city lies south of the Minnesota River in an area known as South of the River and establishes the Urban fringe of the south-southwest portion of Minneapolis -St.Paul, the sixteenth largest Metropolitan area in the US. The population of Prior Lake was 22,796 at the 2010 Census

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Clearwater lake


Lake Characteristics


Lake Area (acres): 3,158.00
Littoral Area (acres): 1,595.60
Maximum Depth (ft): 73.00
Water Clarity (ft): 7.40

Clearwater Lake is a 3,158-acre lake located two miles north of the city of Annandale in Wright and Stearns Counties. The lake is made up of two basins (east and west). The lakeshore is highly developed, with 80% of the shoreline being taken up by homes or cabins. There are two public accesses located on the west basin. In 2005, a lake survey was conducted in order to assess the fish populations in Clearwater Lake. With its vast emergent vegetation and complicated submerged structure Clearwater will provide a delightful challenge to anglers.

Largemouth Bass Clearwater Lake has a reputation as one of Minnesota's best bass fisheries. Approximately 10 tournaments are held each year. We sampled largemouth bass with electrofishing and found that the population is large and consists of fish from five to 20 inches or more. The catch rate of largemouth bass was 73.3 fish/hour, which exceeds the typical catch rate for lakes in the Montrose area.

Northern Pike The northern pike gill net catch rate was near the upper end of expected values for similar lakes. Mean length and weight of northern pike sampled was 21.9 inches and 2.4 pounds. During a creel survey in 2005 mean length and weight of northern pike harvested by anglers was 23.5 inches and 3.0 pounds. This indicates a selective harvest on the part of the anglers. Anglers are encouraged to harvest small fish in order to improve the size structure.

Walleye The walleye catch rate in 2005 (5.4 fish/net) was lower than observed in 1997 (7.2 fish/net), but was within the range of expected values for similar lakes. Mean length and weight of walleye sampled was 16.4 inches and 1.6 pounds, slightly larger than the walleye that anglers harvest, 15.2 inches and 1.3 pounds. The fishery is characterized by young fish which are the result of successful fry stocking.

Bluegill The bluegill catch rate in 2005 (18.1 fish/net) was similar to 1997 (16.7 fish/net) and within the range of expected values for similar lakes. Bluegill sampled ranged in length from 2.8 inches to 7.9 inches. Sunfish were the most common species taken by anglers during the 2005 creel. The average size harvested was 7.2 inches, considered good by area standards.

Black crappie are rarely taken with trap nets at Clearwater Lake. However, it was estimated that more than 8,600 black crappie were harvested by anglers during the summer 2005 creel survey. Harvested fish ranged in length from 6.0 to 16.0 inches with a mean length of 9.6 inches.

Other species sampled during the survey included: black, brown and yellow bullheads, bowfin, common carp, golden shiner, hybrid and pumpkinseed sunfish, rock bass, tullibee, and white sucker.