How does the contract for deed affect the buyer in MN

What is a Contract for Deed?

A Contract for Deed (aka ‘installment land contract) is an agreement wherein the buyer makes payments on an arrangement similar to an vehicle financing. The seller has legal title to the property as security for payment, while the buyer has ‘equitable’ title. When the buyer pays the full amount due under the contract, the seller delivers legal title to the buyer.

Equitable title gives the buyer the right to live in the property, improve it, rent it and otherwise enjoy all of the benefits of ownership. However, since the buyer does not have legal title, he cannot use it as collateral for a home equity loan (although in some states, banks will lend against an equitable interest in a land contract).

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A “Contract for Deed” (Land Contract) is basically the agreement to sell and buy a real estate property wherein the seller will hold the title until the time when the contract’s provisions have been filled, usually upon full payment of the property. In this case, the buyer may already occupy the property and make the payments as stipulated. Upon completion of payment the seller will pass the title by recording the deed.

How does a Contract for Deed affect the buyer in Minnesota?

Contract for Deed (Land Contracts in MN) helps buyers save a lot of resources that they can allocate for other things. This happens primarily because the down payment involved with contracts for deed is usually very low, making it quite easier for buyers to be acquire ownership of real estate without having to expend much of their capital. This leaves them with more capital left that they can use to earn more resources or in other necessary activities.

However, since the down payment for Contract for Deed is very small, this translates to higher rates for the remaining balance, which then means that a larger part of the principal price would be covered by the interest. This also gives the tendency for the amounts payable to be high as well, especially if the contract is written for a short duration.

Buyers would have no guarantee that they would be able to handle the amounts needed for payments in the future. For this, buyers should be certain about the cash flow they would get throughout the duration of their contract for deed. Otherwise, the property might get forfeited by the seller easily when the buyer is unable to do its part since the title is already with the seller.

Nevertheless, this agreement is still more secure for the buyer especially when compared to renting the property. The buyer may have the contract written to an heir or spouse that greatly eliminates the chance that the property would be divided should an estate settlement proceeding should be called for.

How does a Contract for Deed affect the seller in Minnesota?

A great benefit of the Contract for Deed for the seller is that it allows the distribution of the tax reports for capital gains during sales over the contract period instead of just in the year the property was sold. While this does not at all entail the altering of the entire amount of the capital gains report, it typically allows the seller to make substantial tax savings.”)

As mentioned earlier, this agreement provides the seller the legal title for the property, as well as the deed. The property automatically belongs to the seller should the buyer fail to fulfill the provisions in the contract. All the payments made for the property would also be retained by the seller. Some sellers see contract of deeds as the only way they can sell some of their properties that are difficult to vend. Most of such properties are those that could not conform with the traditional guidelines for lending.

However, the seller might not benefit from the low down payment allowed by the contract. If immediate money is a priority for the seller then this is something that a contract for deed would not be able to give. This arrangement may not be beneficial for sellers who need money more than they need tax breaks.

Depending on the situation, Contract for Deed may be a great arrangement for your home loan. However, before making any agreement of this kind, you must get sound advice from people who are knowledgeable about the topic. To know more about land contracts or contracts for deed in Minnesota, you may get some consultation from your real estate lawyer and other real estate experts.

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