Difference between rent to own and contract for deed MN

What is a contract for deed? Most people dont know the difference between rent to own or contract for deed. Main difference is when renting you dont have owner ship in the property. The renter cant remodel or write off the mortgage on their taxes. When you purchase on cd or seller financed homes you have owner ship you get to write off the mortgage-taxes-insurance-you may rent out the property if you choose to or re sell it. In my opinion contract for deeds are the best way to go. Now days you may get into a home with little money down. Sometimes less than rent to own with damage deposit-first and last months rent that adds up very quickly.

We have sold homes with less down than rent to own. We have bought and sold homes on contract for deed it can be a pleasant experience but sometimes like any business arrangement it can go bad. You have weigh out the risks of buying and selling on a contract for deed verses renting to own or renting your property out. Contract for deeds buyers usually have something invested in the house or property so they may take better care of the home or property. We have mn contract for deeds homes all over minnesota and WI land contract for deed homes in western wisconsin.

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Steve Vennemann

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