Buying on a house with little money down

We only work with clients who do not have realtors. ” If you have 10% down we can find you a home-condo-town house-lake properties-lake home with access-lake view-MN owner financing is alot easier than getting a Mortgage.

If you have money and employment we can find you a home. Bad credit no problem-lack of credit-bankruptcy-foreclosures- We have properties all areas in Minnesota look at our cities on the blog- Minneapolis and St.Paul metro area properties have a truth n housing we recommend you purchase homes with a good housing report.

Remember you can write the interest off your taxes when you own a property on cd/land contract/contract for deed but you cant when you rent to own. Also you own the house on a cd/contract/land contract. Rent to own is exactly that you rent and have an option to purchase it at a later date you do NOT get to use the property as a tax deduction..Put a little more money down and buy a home on a cd it is a lot better..

For people who have a little amount down rent to own maybe the way to go. Contracts are usually a lot higher due to the risk by the sellers and closing costs they have to pay.

We recommend searching for rent to own properties- If you want owner financing for homes in Minnesota or Western Wisconsin we can help.

In some areas we have acreage-farms-lake properties- new construction- Counties like Sherburne-Anoka-Wright-Carver-Ramsey-Hennepin-Scott-Pine-Dakota-Washington.

We also have New construction in select areas..

You dont have to have stellar credit to purchase a home with owner financing. The 3-5 years in terms will help get our buyers on track to fix their credit or get their taxes in order.

Banks require 2 years taxes and descent credit with employment for usually 2 years.

If you have a bankruptcy it will take around 2-3 years to get a loan.

Foreclosures are 3 years.

If you have a 620 credit score most of the time we can get you a FHA mortgage with 3.5% down..

We work with contracts on a daily basis.