Buying Home with bad credit in Minnesota or Wisconsin

No bank Qualify. Buy a home today with bad credit, Sellers offering financing on 100s of properties thru out Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Unless you are one few people with stellar credit, buying a home today is much more difficult than it has been in years. The SUB-PRIME mortgage market, which used to enable those with poor credit to purchase a home, has virtually disappeared and is no longer available to borrowers.

Many lenders refuse to provide financing for up to 2 years after a bankruptcy and up to 7 years after a foreclosure. In the rare cases where they may, the huge down payments, steep interest rates and additional closing costs make it nearly impossible for such a buyer to purchase a home.

Http:// might be able to help you own a home in today’s challenging marketplace. Sellers offer attractive interest rates. Usually don’t have to verify income or credit reports.

Even with Poor Credit

I can help you enjoy the benefits of home ownership. A low down payment

No documentation

No income verification

Competitive interest rates


Owning is far better than renting. When you own, you receive:

Tax Benefits

Appreciating Home Value

Pride in Ownership

Contact us today for more information on how contract for deeds can help you purchase a property.

What do I need to buy a home with out getting a Mortgage? Easy if you have 10% down of the sale price of the house you are seeking we can find you a home.


Steve Vennemann


BoardWalk Premier Realty INC